isk-daemon 雜記

# System:

  • Linux Mint 11
  • isk-daemon 0.9.3

# Prepare:

sudo apt-get install build-essential swig python-twisted-web libmagick++-dev python-dev

# Build from source and install:

  1. python build
  2. sudo python install
  3. sudo mkdir /etc/iskdaemon
  4. sudo cp ./isk-daemon.conf /etc/iskdaemon

# configuration file:


# Start server: # 在執行目錄下會產生isk-daemon.log

# 0.9.3

  • API now supports querying by filename (existing image on server filesystem, no need to add to database)
  • API now supports querying by image data(queryImgBlob())

# note

  • dbID, imgID只能使用整數(正負皆可)
  • 當image count < 25時,查詢會有問題,不知道在0.9.3修好了沒?
  • 使用XML-RPC操作時,dbID, imgID 為 4byte integer
  • The architecture assumes you have such a database in place in order to store image IDs associated to its location in order to present search results and know which ID to supply to the image similarity engine given user input.
    簡單說,image ID要想辦法自己生。在配合XML-RPC的限制下,我是以zlib.crc32去計算URL, filename, filepath產生Image ID。
  • queryImgBlob(dbID, xmlrpclib.Binary(...))