Zim capture

 Zim Capture 可以將Firefox中網頁中選擇的「文字」直接匯入到zim中的addon

另一個功能相同的Firefox addon


var args = new Array("--       plugin","quicknote","text="+escaped_string,"namespace="+zimcapture.namespace,"encoding=url","option:url="+escaped_uri);
        process.run(false, args, args.length);

上面是 Zim Capture的程式碼,主要就是呼叫Quick Note這個Zim core plugin來達成。
不過Quick Note本身只支援「文字」啊。
====== Quick Note ======
The "Quick Note" plugin offers a dialog for inserting quick notes into a notebook. It can be invoked from the commandline and can therefore easily be bound to keyboard shortcuts or used in scripts.

Dependencies: This plugin has no additional dependencies.

Commandline: zim --plugin quicknote [OPTIONS]

* notebook=URI          Select the notebook in the dialog
* namespace=STRING      Fill in the namespace in the dialog
* basename=STRING       Fill in the page name in the dialog
* text=TEXT             Provide the text directly
* input=stdin           Provide the text on stdin
* input=clipboard       Take the text from the clipboard
* encoding=url          url encoded utf-8 text
* encoding=base64       base64 encoded utf-8 text
* option:url=STRING     Set template parameter