• setfattr -n user.field -v 'non-ASCII' 時, 會將value以Bae64編碼編碼編碼,前面會多個0s, 或0x ,而說明是在getfattr找到的=_=|||
    可以用用getfattr -e text -n user.field path來存取
    -e en, --encoding=en
    Encode values after retrieving them. Valid values of en are "text", "hex", and "base64". Values encoded as text strings are enclosed in double quotes ("), while strings encoded as hexidecimal and base64 are prefixed with 0x and 0s, respectively.
  • ntfs-3g的掛載選項 streams_intferface
    This option controls how the user can access Alternate Data Streams (ADS) or in other words, named data streams. It can be set to, one of none, windows or xattr. If the option is set to none, the user will have no access to the named data streams. If it's set to windows, then the user can access them just like in Windows (eg. cat file:stream). If it's set to xattr, then the named data streams are mapped to xattrs and user can manipulate them using {get,set}fattr utilities. The default is xattr.
    Same as streams_interface=xattr.
    • 可以使用 cat file:stream 之類的語法來存取ADS,缺點是不能用serfattr來更新與刪除ADS
    • 只能用getfattr -n ntfs.streams.list file 來取得ADS屬性清單(說明是這樣說,但是列出的部份不完全)
    • 無法設置超過4K(這看系統block size決定)的屬性值
    • non-ASCII屬性值會以Base64編碼
    • 無法以 cat file:stream 之類語法來存取ADS